Helping Specialists Save Lives By Expanding Access to State-Of-The-Art Diagnostic Technology

For years, the clinical advantages of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) have been well known. By enabling physicians to observe metabolic processes, PET delivers higher image resolution and more robust clinical data in far less time and with much lower radiation exposure than conventional scanning methods. Just as important, PET offers unique advantages to female patients by enabling symptoms to be detected through fat and breast tissue.

Despite these extraordinary attributes, PET has remained out of the reach of many practices due to its cost and complexity. Deploying PET has traditionally meant bearing substantial costs, incurring debt, and grappling with multiple equipment and support service providers. As a result, thousands of patients who need and would benefit from PET are unable to access it.

We believe this can and must change. That is why we are proud to provide advanced imaging solutions and technical support to leading physicians. By helping specialists expand patient access to PET, we are enabling them to improve quality, reduce costs, and save lives.

Why PET?

The Advantages of PET


Safer for Patients

2/3 less radiation exposure to the patient when compared to SPECT.

Better Data

Much higher image resolution and up to 5X more data per scan.

Faster Scan Time

35 min vs. 3 to 4 hours. These efficient scans lead to better patient comfort, higher patient volumes and lower patient backlogs

Essential for Women

No problems seeing through fat or breast tissue. Only PET detects many women’s symptoms.

Cost Effective

Much higher reimbursement rates, while reducing costs 30% overall.

Why Now?

We are creating an unique opportunity to provide better patient care, experience better patient outcomes, and generate a new revenue stream for your practice


  • We enable practices to deliver advanced imaging services without having to purchase equipment, incur debt, or bear any upfront capital outlay.
  • We deliver state-of-the-art technologies and focus on the equipment and technical support components of advanced imaging services.
  • We enable practices to expand patient access to life-saving advanced imaging services.
  • We support practice sustainability to utilizing an operating, rather than capital, lease model and by assisting with operation, service and billing processes.

    For too long, cost has served as a barrier to advanced imaging. We have solved this problem by making it possible for specialists to deliver life-saving imaging services without having to purchase costly equipment.

    We eliminate the need to purchase costly equipment and make it possible for specialists to provide the advanced PET imaging services their patients need. We free our clients from the need to procure equipment themselves, incur debt, or contract with multiple suppliers.